1. Decemberance
    Athens, Greece
  2. Nordlumo
    Murmansk, Russia
  3. Abysskvlt
  4. Suffer In Paradise
    Voronezh, Russia
  5. In Oblivion
    Austin, Texas
  6. Di Mortales
    Kovdor, Russia
  7. Ankhagram
    Yekaterinburg, Russia
  8. Mirror Morionis
    Tomsk, Russia
  9. Aura Hiemis
    Santiago, Chile
  10. Anagram to Anna
    Horlivka, Ukraine
  11. Falling Leaves
    Amman, Jordan
  12. Lethargy of Death
    Santiago, Chile
  13. Fretting Obscurity
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  14. Colossus Morose
    Hanover, Germany
  15. Flesh Temple
    Edmonton, Alberta


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